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Donation Opportunities

Donation Opportunities

Over the last few years the Minnesota Women’s Basketball Program has enjoyed unprecedented success on the court and has built a strong and loyal following.  As our reputation grows, so does the challenge to sustain and improve our program to enable us to continue to attract the most talented players and schedule top opponents.

Coach Stollings and her staff have committed to a long-term strategy that will sustain the high quality of play that we have come to expect.  This will mean long hours of work for the players and staff and they are fully committed to this challenge.

The Fast Break Club has taken a huge role in helping build the financial strength of the Women’s Basketball Program.  Our first mission is to help build enthusiasm for our team and, with that, a fan base.  We have also made it a priority to offer opportunities for fans to participate in the building of a championship program through donations of time and money.  

The Fast Break Club offers Donation Opportunities through various different membership levels that range in price from $50 to $1000.  Visit the Membership page of this website for more information on these levels.

If you are interested in donating at a different level or if you have any questions - please click on the below link and we will get back to you.

 For more information please send an email to:

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